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Accomodations in Alba Adriatica

Dear Guest...

Accomodations in Alba Adriatica
Accomodations in Alba Adriatica

Dear Guest, I am one of the owners of the Hotel Doge of Alba Adriatica, which I have run, together with Mauro Magnani, since 1986 – it seems like yesterday, but almost 30 years have passed!

I come from a family of hoteliers and I have worked in this field for my entire life. I learned a great deal from my parents, in particular, how to take care of the details and always to strive to do better, seeking out new ideas and putting them into practice. Mauro and I know our hotel like the back of our hands and we try to keep it at the top of its game.

What we love and try to maintain constantly is our direct contact with the clients because this allows us to get to know their wishes and their needs better.

In the dictionary, hospitality is defined as the friendly and generous welcome and treatment of guests. We share this view: holidays are much more than a series of services, they’re part of the lives of each one of us, they make life better, more sustainable for us. The locations are fundamental, as are the people we choose to share this time with.

That’s why the selection of the staff is essential. Many of our staff have been with us for many years and are dear to us!

Our profession can be hard work but the effort is rewarded by the happy, relaxed faces of our guests at the end of the holiday, and their compliments: the most appreciated aspects are the friendliness, the position, the services for children and, more recently, the private beach with swimming pools and relaxation area.

Many even think that, in many ways, the Doge has nothing to fear from comparison with hotels of higher categories!

For many, the Doge and Alba Adriatica are a safe refuge, a fixed point where friendships are made and renewed every summer. Our guests range from the young to the elderly, but especially families with children. We love animals and four-legged friends are welcome.

The sea is the main attraction of a holiday in Alba Adriatica, but the art and culture of Abruzzo provide a treasure trove of discoveries. Culture also means gastronomy and we take our cuisine very seriously. Mauro is a real connoisseur of wines and our wine list offers some interesting discoveries.

From our own travels, we know how important entertainment is and we were among the first in this region to provide this service. A good mood is contagious and it helps us to relax!

What do I like most about the Doge?
It always takes my breath away every time I take a ride on the scenic lift and look out over miles of coastline...
I love riding my bicycle on the cycle trail to Tronto, in the north, and all the way to the port of Giulianova in the south...
I eagerly wait for the parties on the beach...
And I like to enjoy the colourful and tasty vegetables of our buffet!

We’ll see you at the Doge this summer, agreed? I’m expecting you!

Paola Frignani
Hotel Doge hotel logo
Lungomare Marconi, 292 64011 Alba Adriatica Teramo, Italia
Phone: 0861712508 Front view of the hotel Front view of the hotel Star rating: **** Room rates: 40 - 150

Hotel Doge

hotel logo L'Hotel Doge a Alba Adriatica è consigliato per chi vuole sentirsi tra amici e desidera un luogo curato e in relax per trascorrere al meglio le proprie vacanza in un family hotel.
Lungomare Marconi, 292 64011 Alba Adriatica Teramo, Italia
Phone: 0861712508 Front view of the hotel Front view of the hotel Star rating: **** Room rates: 40 - 150